Filing Bankruptcy AND Saving Your Tax Refund


Each year around this time there’s a common question I hear, “if I file bankruptcy will they take my tax refund?”  The answer, as with everything else, gets complicated.  While the tax refund is an asset that the trustee can take, in most cases planning and following my advice can  allow you to keep most if not all of your refund. 

First, generally, your entire refund is not at issue, only those amounts over the earned income credit and child tax credit.  Our well organized bankruptcy petitions help guide the trustee to these credits and lower the amount he or she is looking at.  Next, you can use your refund for several different types of ordinary expenses like food, utilities, home/car maintenance, education, rent/mortgage.  Note I didn’t mention putting your refund towards unsecured credit card, medical or collections bills.

You can also utilize your refund to pay for the bankruptcy itself! You can pay for both the court costs and attorneys fees, in fact it’s one of the most common ways of paying for bankruptcy.

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–          Erik R. Blaine, Esq.

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