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Ohio-SUV-Accidents-Attorneys-Lawyer-LawsuitCrashes involving Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are more likely to result in death and serious injury than accidents that involve other types of passenger vehicles. Because SUVs have a high center of gravity, they will roll over far more often than other cars. Not surprisingly, victims in SUV rollover accident are in more danger of suffering serious and debilitating head, back, neck, and spine injuries. Statistics indicate that more than 62% of all SUV accident fatalities happen because the vehicle experiences a rollover. The Dayton SUV accident lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC have seen first-hand the pain and suffering caused by SUV design defects. That’s why all of the SUV accident lawyers in our Dayton office are so committed to achieving justice for the people in our community who have been injured in these serious accidents.

For over 20 years, the SUV accident lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC have worked to protect the rights of personal injury victims in Dayton and throughout Ohio. When you choose to retain one of our experienced and aggressive Dayton SUV accident lawyers, you can rest assured that you will have a tough advocate on your side who you can trust to fight on your behalf in and out of the courtroom. To speak with one of our experienced SUV accident attorneys about the legal options open to you, we urge you to contact the Dayton office of Wright & Schulte LLC today.

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According to the 2005 National Commuter Survey, 4 in 10 Americans are under the impression that SUVs are safer than other passenger vehicles. However, because of the way SUVs are designed, that assumption is far from true. Their narrow wheel track and high center of gravity contribute to a high rate of SUV rollover accidents, while lack of roof structure and supports means SUV occupants are more likely to be badly injured in these types of crashes. While lowering the center of gravity and widening the wheel base on SUVs would go a long way toward avoiding rollover crashes, the manufacturers of these vehicles have been slow to adopt improved safety features. As a result, major SUV manufacturers have been named in numerous lawsuits because of the design defects inherent in so many of these vehicles.

SUV manufacturers have a responsibility to build vehicles that are not defectively manufactured or designed and that include sufficient warnings about possible dangers. If an SUV crash was the result of a dangerously designed vehicle, victims have the right to seek compensation from the SUV manufacturer for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and emotional distress. However, to ensure you receive all of the compensation the law allows, you must retain a Dayton SUV accident lawyer with the resources and skills to fight aggressively on your behalf.

At Wright & Schulte LLC, our Dayton SUV accident lawyers have successfully represented hundreds of people seriously injured in rollover crashes. Our firm has access to the kinds of resources and crash experts needed to take on large vehicle manufacturers in SUV accident lawsuits. Because of Wright & Schulte LLP’s successful track record taking on some of the biggest corporations on behalf of injured consumers, it’s far more likely automakers and their insurers will treat your SUV accident case with the seriousness it demands. If not, our legal team is ready to pursue your SUV lawsuit all the way to trial, to make sure you receive the compensation the law says you deserve.

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If you or someone you love has been injured in a Dayton SUV accident, there is help available. The compassionate and aggressive Dayton SUV accident lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC are ready to be your voice during this difficult time in your life. It costs nothing to talk to one of our Dayton SUV accident lawyers, and you’ll be under no obligation. Simply fill out or online form, or call 937-435-9999 to schedule your free initial consultation today.