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Ohio-Burn-Injuries-Attorneys-Lawyer-LawsuitFire burns, chemical burns, and electrical burns are all extremely painful personal injuries that can result in disfigurement and life-long disability. Victims of serious burn injuries often require skin grafts, plastic surgery and other extremely expensive medical treatments, as well as extended physical therapy and other forms of rehab. It’s not unusual for burn injury victims to endure extreme financial hardships due to their rising medical bills and lost wages, along with tremendous physical and emotional pain and suffering. The Dayton burn injury lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC have seen firsthand the dramatic ways these tragedies affect our clients for their entire lives. That’s why all of the burn injury lawyers in our Dayton office are so committed to achieving justice for the people in our community who have suffered these injuries due to the negligence of another.

For over 20 years, the burn injury lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC have worked to protect the rights of victims in Dayton and throughout Ohio. When you choose to retain one of our experienced and aggressive Dayton burn injury lawyers, you can rest assured that you will have a tough advocate on your side who you can trust to fight on your behalf in and out of the courtroom. To speak with one of our experienced burn injury attorneys about the legal options open to you, we urge you to contact the Dayton office of Wright & Schulte LLC today.

Dayton Burn Injury Lawsuits

Explosions, electrocutions, motor vehicle accidents, fires and similar accidents have the potential to cause serious burn injuries and death. All too often, these accidents are the result of negligence, and may have been completely preventable had the responsible party upheld their duty of care. When a burn injury is the result of negligence, victims and their families are entitled to compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional distress and other damages. However, without the right Dayton burn injury attorney on your side, you may find it difficult to obtain all of the compensation you are entitled to.

At Wright & Schulte LLC, our Dayton burn injury lawyers pride themselves on aggressively pursuing and holding responsible those who have caused injury. We have successfully represented hundreds of Dayton residents in burn injury lawsuits involving:

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Car and Other Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Toxic Exposures
  • Defective Products
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Flammable Clothing
  • Hot Liquids
  • Electrocutions

While no amount of money can make up for the pain and emotional trauma from a burn injury, filing a lawsuit can help you get on the road to recovery by providing funds to cover current and future medical expenses and lost wages. Wright & Schulte LLC has the resources and access to experts that will enable our legal team to build a strong and persuasive burn injury case on your behalf. Our reputation as a tough and compassionate advocate for the injured means insurance companies know to take us seriously, and are more likely to treat our Dayton burn injury clients with fairness and respect. On those rare occasions when a defendant or their insurer refuses to negotiate in good faith, our Dayton burn injury lawyers are ready to head to court to make sure our clients are fairly and fully compensated for their pain and suffering.

Legal Help for Dayton Burn Injury Victims

If you or someone you love has sustained a serious burn injury, there is help available. The compassionate and aggressive Dayton burn injury lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC are ready to be your voice during this difficult time in your life. It costs nothing to talk to one of our burn injury lawyers, and you’ll be under no obligation. Simply fill out our online form, or call 937-435-9999 to schedule your free initial consultation today.