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The choice to buy insurance for your property, health and even you or your loved ones lives comes with the expectation that, should damage be sustained, the insurance company will properly compensate you for your losses and damages. Regrettably, however, insurance companies often underestimate the value of losses, unnecessarily delay payment of claims or even use flimsy justifications for denying legitimate claims altogether in an effort to maximize their own profits. In these cases, individuals and businesses alike may not know how to confront the insurance company and fight back for the compensation they deserve.

At Wright & Schulte LLC, our Ohio insurance lawyers have years of experience standing up to unscrupulous insurance companies, and we are here to aggressively assert your rights to help you secure the payouts you are entitled to. Our savvy Ohio insurance law attorneys understand the tactics that insurance companies can use to deny or undervalue legitimate insurance claims, and we are skilled at fighting back and holding insurance companies accountable for their unethical behavior. If you are battling with an insurance company for a payout that you deserve, we strongly encourage you to consult with our Ohio insurance attorneys to learn more about your rights and get advice regarding the best options for securing the compensation you deserve.

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The insurance policies you have are essentially contracts that legally insurance companies to pay you for damages sustained to the insured item as long as you pay the premiums according to the terms of the policy. Consequently, when insurance companies fail to hold up their end of the contract, you will have legal recourse to force them to do so. Ways in which insurance companies can act unethically and breach their contract with you include:

  • Retroactively canceling your insurance coverage
  • Burdening you with excessive and unnecessary forms and paperwork
  • Overriding your doctor’s diagnosis with that of an untrained insurance analyst.

Policyholders who are frustrated with the unfair practices of insurance companies can turn to the Ohio insurance law attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC for a number of different types of insurance disputes, including those involving claims of:

  • Bad faith – This describes a variety of unfair dealings by the insurance company, including (but not limited to) improperly or inadequately investigating the claim, threatening the policyholder, grossly undervaluing the cost of damages, unnecessarily delaying payouts, and capriciously interpreting the terms of the policy in an effort to deny the claim.
  • Health or life insurance disputes
  • Home or motor vehicle insurance disputes
  • Workers’ compensation disputes

While we will try to resolve your insurance dispute out of court – through mediation or arbitration – in order to minimize the hassle, reduce your costs, and expedite the process of getting you the money you deserve, our Ohio insurance lawyers are ready to fiercely litigate your rights in court if and when necessary. Depending on the circumstances of the dispute at hand, some policyholders may be awarded damages in excess of the limits of their claims by challenging unfair insurance company practices.

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If your insurance company is fighting you on a legitimate claim, you will have the best chances of getting them to pay up the full amount you deserve by working with the Ohio insurance law attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC. Call today for a FREE consultation and receive experienced advice from an Ohio insurance lawyer at Wright & Schulte LLC. Please fill out the online form at the right-hand side of this page or call us at (937) 435-99