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As you or your loved ones age, the transition to assisted living or long-term nursing home care can be an inevitable reality to confront, and planning for this transition involves some complicated legal matters, including Medicaid planning. The compassionate Ohio Medicaid planning lawyers at Wright & Schulte LLC comprehend the delicate nature of these matters, and we have the legal skills to help qualified parties to secure Medicaid coverage without putting their personal assets and financial legacy in jeopardy. In addition to our extensive knowledge of Medicaid law, our Clients can benefit from our experienced legal advice and our unflinching dedication to providing them with personalized attention. At every stage in the process, our Ohio Medicaid planning attorneys will ensure that your rights and interests are protected so that you can focus on living your life to the fullest.

Ohio Medicaid Planning Matters

Among the features of Medicaid is the option for paying for the cost of nursing home care for those who qualify for it. While Medicaid standards and legalities are consistent throughout the nation, each state governs its own Medicaid program; in Ohio, the terms and standards associated with Medicaid are not only complex but also changing on a regular basis, which makes it difficult for the untrained person to keep up with and navigate through. What can be even more daunting is the fact that an error in paperwork, a missed deadline or some other minor oversight may delay approval or cause your Medicaid application to be denied altogether.

At Wright & Schulte LLC, our Ohio Medicaid planning lawyers are extremely knowledgeable about Medicaid laws and are up-to-date with the latest changes to them. We understand the importance of securing Medicaid coverage and have extensive experience with the following Medicaid matters:

  • Filing Medicaid applications – The Medicaid process involves the completion and timely submission of wide range of forms and paper work. Our Ohio Medicaid planning lawyers are familiar with the process and can assist you in properly completing all necessary documents and submitting them in a timely manner to prevent possible delays to or denials of your claim.
  • Preserving assets – While Ohio Medicaid laws have firm stipulations regarding the limits to the value of a person’s assets in order to qualify for this coverage, it’s important that applicants realize that there are options for organizing and distributing these assets in order to qualify for coverage. For example, our Ohio Medicaid planning attorneys can help you build a trust, gift some assets or otherwise legally transfer them to another party in order to help you qualify for Medicaid coverage.
  • Appealing Medicaid denials – Appealing a Medicaid denial will involve a hearing process, and our Ohio Medicaid lawyers can effectively advocate your rights and explain the reasons why you are eligible for coverage during this hearing.
  • Recovering property from Medicaid collections – Part of Medicaid law dictates that the state can try to recover some of the cost of these benefits from a person’s estate upon his death. Executors and trustees alike can turn to the trusted Ohio Medicaid planning attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC when facing such challenges, as we can help fight back from claims against the decedent’s estate.

Ohio Medicaid Planning Help

If you or a loved one is considering applying for Medicaid coverage, give yourself the best possible chances for approval while still protecting your assets by working with our Ohio Medicaid planning attorneys. Call today for a FREE consultation and receive experienced advice from an Ohio Medicaid planning lawyer at Wright & Schulte LLC. Please fill out the online form at the right-hand side of this page or call us at (937) 435-9999.