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Real-Estate-Law-Attorney-LawyerBuying or selling real estate is typically the most valuable property transaction that you will be involved with, and the associated process – including appraisals, inventories and contract negotiations – can be time consuming, complicated and somewhat tedious for those unfamiliar with these transactions. When proper legal procedures are not strictly followed, costly disputes can arise and significantly delay or even preclude the real estate transaction from taking place.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or seller, your business is involved in a property transaction or you are a landlord or tenant of a property, having the skilled legal experience of the Ohio real estate law attorneys of Wright & Schulte LLC representing your interests is critical to facilitating the transaction – or favorably resolving the dispute. From property appraisals and major land acquisitions to security deposit disputes and evictions, our Ohio real estate lawyers can provide investors, developers, lenders and others involved with property transactions or disputes with experienced legal advice to ensure that they achieve the best possible outcome for their situation. We are dedicated to providing each of our Clients with personalized legal support and will work tirelessly to aggressively defend their legal rights.

Ohio Real Estate Law Transactions and Disputes

Regardless of what side of a real estate transaction you are on or whether you are part of a business or simply an individual dealing with it, it’s critical that you work with the Ohio real estate attorneys at Wright & Schulte LLC to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of and that your rights and interests are fully protected and advocated for. Some of the Ohio real estate law matters that our skilled legal professionals are proficient and experienced at managing include (but are not limited to):

  • Selling or purchasing of commercial and residential real estate (including transactions that are “for sale by owner”)
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts and deeds
  • Dealing with instances of undisclosed property defects
  • Determining and holding other parties accountable for breach of contracts
  • Defending owners against possible foreclosure
  • Drafting lease and rental agreement contracts
  • Handling matters of security deposit disputes and eviction
  • Assessing matters of land zoning and proper use.

At Wright & Schulte LLC, we fully understand the complexities of Ohio real estate law and, therefore, are able to foresee and avoid future possible obstacles that may interrupt our Clients’ goals. Our legal knowledge, litigating skills and unflinching attention to detail allow us to provide our Clients with innovative solutions to even the most complicated real estate transactions. Our Ohio real estate law attorneys have a proven track record of providing our Clients with effective legal representation that helps them resolve their real estate transaction or dispute as efficiently and advantageously as possible.

Ohio Real Estate Lawyer Consultations and Legal Help

If you are considering getting involved with any type of real estate transaction, we encourage you to meet with our Ohio real estate law attorneys at no cost or obligation for professional legal advice regarding the best manner in which to proceed with your transaction. Call today for a FREE consultation and receive experienced advice from an Ohio real estate lawyer at Wright & Schulte LLC. Please fill out the online form at the right-hand side of this page or call us at (937) 435-9999.