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When a loved one passes, dealing with his will, assets and personal affairs can be extremely difficult to deal with in the wake of tremendous grief. However, whether or not a will is in place, matters of probate are unavoidable, and you may be the one appointed to manage them. Probate – the legal process of administering the property of the decedent – is governed by a complex set of Ohio probate laws, and navigating through them can be difficult and costly for those who are unfamiliar with them. At Wright & Schulte, our compassionate Ohio probate attorneys are not only extremely familiar with probate law, but we are also dedicated to providing our clients with effective legal advice and guidance so they can get through the probate process as stress-free as possible.

Ohio Probate Law

The probate process is necessary in that it gives the executor of the decedent’s will the authority and time to legally manage the decedent’s assets, debts and associated taxes. According to Ohio probate law, probate proceedings will unfold in a court located in the county in which the decedent resided. While a probate administrator can be appointed by the terms of a decedent’s will, one may also be appointed by a probate court, should no will be in place (such cases are legally referred to as intestate). During the probate process, all properties belonging solely to the decedent will be distributed according to the terms of the will or Ohio law (when a will is not in place). Properties located in other states or co-owned by the decedent and another party will likely require further probate proceedings to determine how they will be redistributed.

In addition to overseeing the property of the decedent’s estate, the appointed probate administrator will have a number of responsibilities, including (but not limited to):

  • collecting interest, dividends, debts, notes and other payments owed to the estate
  • deciphering the relationships, names and ages of all heirs and beneficiaries
  • paying all of the estate taxes, including the applicable federal, state and local taxes
  • distributing the estate’s assets as laid out by the terms of the will or, if no will is in place, according to Ohio probate law
  • .

While these responsibilities may seem clear and straight forward, many of them involve complex legal processes, such as asset inventories, estate appraisals, court hearings, filing of estate tax forms, distribution of the estate’s assets and conclusion of probate, which involves discharging the probate administrator. The Ohio probate lawyers at Wright & Schulte understand that dealing with all of these matters in the wake of a loved one’s death can be overwhelming. Because some probate proceedings can last up to six months for more valuable and complicated estates, it is crucial that those dealing with probate proceedings secure our top-notch services in order to streamline the process.

Ohio Probate Attorney Assistance

If you have recently lost a loved one and have been appointed to be the probate administrator, do not assume that you have to deal with this process alone. Our Ohio probate lawyers are here to offer you the support and guidance you need during the difficult probate process. Call today for a FREE consultation and receive experienced advice from an Ohio probation violation lawyer at Wright & Schulte. Please fill out the online form at the right-hand side of this page or call us at (937) 435-9999.